Mar 25, 2009

a short note from the Mormon

So a few things...
1)We have a lot of friends who look at our blog, members of our church and non-members, as well as a lot of unknown worldwide visitors.
2)Our religion is the most important thing in our lives.
3)Because #2 makes us SO happy, we want to share it with #1
4)I've recently discovered these fantastic MormonMessages on youtube that are made by our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and want to do my part to share them, along with other things we discover. SO...I intend to post them regularly on our blog (and give a shout out to Elder Ballard for being such a huge proponent of using the media to teach others about our church)
Hopefully this will provide insight to a widely misunderstood religion that has made our lives everything that it is today and everything that it ever will be.

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