Apr 13, 2009


We had such a great weekend. We decided to spend the holiday with my aunt and uncle in Orange county. We usually go down about once a month to go to the temple and hang out with them, because pretty much they are the coolest peeps ever. They always know how to throw a good party, and they always fill us up with more delicious food than our tummies can hold.

Saturday night they took us out for the best tri-tip and mashed potatoes we've ever had-a perfect birthday dinner for Taylor. Sunday they had their annual Easter party and egg hunt. I wish I had gotten more pictures of this. Keep in mind that we are all adults, the only child was my cousin's 1 yr old. They hid like 200 eggs in their yard and the neighbors yard and we went crazy- each man for his own. Then the best part is after wards they have an auction and you get to use your eggs as money for goods like gift cards, mystery eggs full of cash, food, movie tickets, and more. We ended up with 2 $10 gift cards for itunes, some toilet paper( it had one of the gift cards taped to the top) the game "Farkle", and a gift card to Rubio's. Best Easter egg hunt I've done in a long time. Thanks Dave & Melanie for such a good time.

Let us not forget the true meaning of Easter and the glory of our resurrected Savior Jesus Christ.
I really loved this video/talk by Elder Holland.

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  1. That is a clever idea!!! I love family traditions like this. Are they real eggs or plástico?