Apr 17, 2009

Mom vs Santa Barbara

Let's see... Final Score: Mom 0; Santa Barbara 4

**Mom flew into Santa Barbara in the crazy wind and she almost yacked on the plane. I then took her to a crazy Tea Party rally.

**Mom went hiking and picked up a little friend...
... a TICK! We had to pull it out because it had already burrowed! I may or may not have squirted all the tick juice back into her while pulling it out.

**Mom got poison oak all over her arm. She'll be seeing that soon. *shudder*

**We were riding bikes over to the school and as we went past Isla Vista, the filth of the earth, somebody lobbed a water-balloon at mom from a car! The balloon narrowly missed and hit a pile of fresh MANURE right in front of her covering my poor mom's face and body in manure. There was poo everywhere- it really stunk.

Sorry mom, Santa Barbara is usually really nice. Hopefully Boston will be nicer to you! Thanks for visiting.


  1. That'll teach her to go visit you two. Bad juju...

  2. Oh your poor mom! I've always been horrified of getting one of those while camping