Jun 26, 2009

Moving Adventure Part 2: Finding a New Home

This is another long story about my adventures, brace yourself. Unlike the first part- moving out- I didn't cry and it wasn't one single day of total insanity. It was more like many days of stress and not being able to sleep at night. As soon as I arrived in Utah, I spent my days searching Craigslist, making phone calls, studying maps, and trying to make sense of everything. I was just listing apartments like crazy, and then I realized I wasn't remembering which apartment was which and who I had talked to...so I buckled down and got organized. I really did a lot of studying of maps and bus routes so I would know good spots to live in. I even familiarized myself with some resident laws so I couldn't be lied to by some sleazy realtor/landlord. I was stressed to the max.

When Taylor and I went out to look for a place to live in Santa Barbara, we slept in our car even though we had the bishop's # and the relief society president's #. Pathetic I know. There were many people who would have been more than happy to help us out. SO...if there is one thing I learned while moving to SB, it's that there is no reason to be afraid to call other members of our church in the area. Having said this, I took action and got the contact info for all the Bishops in Boston. I was absolutely right. They were AMAZING. I was getting emails from people wanting to help. A Relief Society pres offered for my mom and I to stay at her place while we house hunted, another lady who was moving out of her apartment said for us to come check it out, 2 other Bishops called to ask what they could do for us, another guy emailed and called to tell me all about going to Harvard and what to expect living in the area, and one of the "move-in specialists" sent me a whole packet about living in Boston- utility companies, insurance, stores, fun things to do and see. Isn't it wonderful to have such an organized church community where people can trust each other and work miracles? I couldn't have done it without them.

The day finally came and my mom and I were on our way- thanks to my mom-in-law who provided us with buddy passes (which as we all know come with consequences). We made it to Boston no prob, rented a car and plugged in our trusty GPS. That little gadget became my best friend during the trip. The home that we stayed in was beautiful and the typical New England home you would imagine. I'm not sure why I got a picture of the cute house across the street and not the actual one where we stayed in, but it looked just like this only bigger and yellow with a purple door.Driving in Boston was TOTALLY insane, and it will definitely take some getting used to. Someone there referred to it as a contact sport where nobody, including cops, obey the rules. I think I'm going to need a GPS this year for my birthday because you seriously cannot tell which direction you are headed ever. I just loved everything from the lushness to the cute houses and neighborhoods. The Harvard campus is lovely, and I'm totally excited! The only other picture I took was this one at Waldon Pond, which was a simply perfect place where I anticipate spending plenty of time swimming and relaxing.Most of the places I had planned to see were gone by the time I got there. So I picked a few more up on craigslist and spent a whole lot of time on the telephone. Trying to work with and schedule time with a bunch of realtors is a pain- especially trying to keep them all straight and who I talked to when and what time we had scheduled...ugh. In the end I only looked at 4 places. The first was decent, the second was amazing, and the third was a close tie. I was convinced it was between those two. I decided to check one more out the next morning, and although it was incredibly close to Harvard and a great price for Cambridge, it was a "garden level" apt. with one light and 3 windows-all of which looked out to a concrete wall. I just couldn't do it-especially if I will end up staying home all day with a baby. So I had to decide between the two good ones, and for those of you who know me well (esp. Taylor) you know that I am not good at deciding which type of body wash to buy...so I was in a bad way. I think I knew all along which was the right place, but it just took a couple more miracles to figure it out. But I did it! A fantastic little place that is in GREAT shape with 2 bedrooms, a/c, utilities included, brand new kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors, laundry and storage in the basement, 2 parking spaces (come visit!) and is a short walk to the bus that will take Taylor right to Harvard Sq for $1350. There are only 4 apts in the building too, so we won't have a bunch of crazy neighbors. It's only like 5-10 min from the temple, which we will appreciate SO MUCH after having to drive 2 hours. Finally, I could relax.

We had to get up at 3:30 am (Boston time) to catch our 6:00 flight. We get to the airport to discover that it has been cancelled because of bad weather. So my day flying standby went as follows:
lady at the ticket counter gives us a very sad look once she realizes that we were not only on the cancelled flight, but are standby "maybe you'll get out today?" she says...
Couldn't get on the 7:15 flight. Couldn't get on the 8:15 flight. Couldn't get on the 9:15 flight. Maybe flying to Denver instead of Chicago is a better idea? Mom-in-law switches us. Couldn't get on the 10:30 flight to Denver. Buy a book because I'm going crazy. Couldn't get on the 2:30 flight to Denver. At last- after 13 hours in the Boston airport, we kiss the gate agents feet as we board the 6:00 flight. The Denver airport was crazy insane because flights were all messed up from the weather. What's the deal? Fortunately, we get on the 11:30 flight to SLC, and at 1:30am I hit the pillow after a 24 hour day of airports. But hey, I saved like $200.
Finally, my relaxing and job free summer has begun.
And you don't have to hear anymore about Boston until September.


  1. um, staying home all day with a baby??? Is that an announcement? Did I miss something??? I am glad you found a place! Sounds amazing!

  2. no announcement...just looking ahead!

  3. yeah...i was about to ask the same thing... i'm so happy that this was so much easier than the move out! the new place sounds amazing. we can't wait to visit you guys!!!

  4. I'm so glad this story has a happy ending!

    (Even happier for me, who will only have to make ONE phone call if we move to Boston. To you :)

    PS Your mom is so cute!