Jul 30, 2009

family fun

This is a couple weeks old news now, but I have to catch up. This is a rare event in my family. Could be due to the fact that there are like 200 of us, and we are spread across the map. It was totally awesome, and I love to reconnect with all of my cousins. I think my family is pretty great. I was bummed out that Taylor had to be in China because he's met only a small handful of my extended family.
We played all the typical family reunionish games. What would a reunion be without them?

This is not even close to everybody. This was the group left at the end of the night.
The next day we all went over to iFLY for a good time. My cousin works for the company that builds the wind machines, so my amazing aunt offered to pay for all of us to do it! There were probably 100 of us that did it. It was SO much fun. We each got to do 2 minutes to get the feel of it, and then 1 minute where the guy controls the movement and takes you up high and down in the chamber. It was fun to watch everyone else do it and see there squishy and slobber covered faces. The video is of the guys who work there, it was the coolest thing to watch them.

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