Aug 4, 2009

Ode to Camp Loll

This last weekend I visited the place I once called home, nestled between Yellowstone and the Tetons. But even when I go back now, it feels like I never left. It's that strange place in mine and Taylor's past that people aren't quite sure about. They never fully understand what would make someone want to spend their summer in the forest wearing a scout uniform singing songs and acting ridiculous. Nevertheless, I think everyone realizes what it means to us. Those were the best summers of our lives- where we met best friends, where we met each other, and even where we got engaged (during a snowmobile trip in March). It has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. It's who we are. Thank goodness we have each other to share the memories. I miss it like crazy.
So here are a few of endless favorite pictures to help you begin to understand how spectacular it really was.
As a note, I stole most of these pictures from friends, so I can't take credit for the amazing ones.2001- Taylor's first summer when he was 18
no picture of my first year 2003
2004 when we first met
When you google image "camp loll", my cute little husband is the 2nd picture that shows up.
Love it.


  1. Fun Pics Jodi!! I was excited to find your blog!!

  2. What beautiful photos! I love camp pics! It looks like you guys have some great memories there. How fun that you have that in common. You have NO idea how much we miss you guys. Hannah still talks about you.

  3. This place looks heavenly! So fun to see Chapter 1 of your love story =)

  4. Hey I worked high adventure at Camp Loll when I was 18 (1998). Great memories.