Oct 3, 2009

the Pralls come to Boston

We were oh so lucky to have dear, dear friends from Utah come for a visit.
Taylor and I had not explored downtown Boston yet,
so finally having a good reason we did a whirlwind tour of the city.

First we went to Walden Pond and saw the beautiful leaves- they are quickly turning!
The second day we rode the subway into Boston Common and followed the Freedom Trail. We spent the better part of the day doing it, but it was a good way to see a lot
of the city as well as some cool historic sites.The Granery Burying Grounds is the burial site of some folks like Samual Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. But what I loved was all the really old tombstones that actually say things like "Here Lies..." and have skulls on them.
Like a real Halloween graveyard!

Kristi was enjoying the new experience of fat city pigeons

And Taylor was really excited to buy a hot dog from a street vendor
We even climbed to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument- all 294 steps.
(My legs are still broken)
We went to Copley Square and a girl told us we couldn't walk through
because they were making a movie.
"Anyone we would recognize?" Taylor asked.
"Um...Ben Affleck?" she said like maybe we know who he is...hello!

So we had some fun playing papparazzi and here is his tiny head.
The movie is called "The Town" in case you were wondering

Our last day with them we spent in Salem. There were all kinds of crazy spooky things (unfortunately most of the cool stuff had closed), and we just had fun wandering around.
We definitely will have to go back because hello,
who wouldn't want to see witch dungeons?

We're glad they were okay with being our guneia pigs while we figured out the best way to get around to see the city. We miss them so much already,
but are open for more visitors!


  1. It's weird seeing you guys in sweaters and scarfs, at least Taylor is still sporting the shorts. Sounds like a great adventure- I want to come visit! Don't you want to take two crazy kids around Boston (talking about our actual children, not us).

  2. Visitors are great! You'll have more for sure. And good job on the Ben Affleck photo!

  3. Fun! I want to go to Salem! And that gravestone is sweet! I wish they were still like that.

  4. The colors! I am loving the fall colors!!

    How did you move from Santa Barbara, where all the celebrities live, to Boston, and see an A-lister right off the bat??