Oct 6, 2009

oh the good word!

{photo by ram.rom82}

This weekend we were so lucky to hear from the leaders of our church during General Conference. Thank goodness for the internet and being able to watch it at home.
(watching it at the church makes me cold and sleepy)

I love conference! You know why? Because I get to hear all of the wonderful things that I can do to make my life better and bring myself closer to God and Jesus Christ.
I enjoyed so many of the talks.
I think everyone who watched conference would agree
that Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon was powerful,
I'll never forget his talk in April- see it here

But my favorite this time was by our dear prophet,
Thomas S. Monson
What did you do for someone today?
listen here

If you watched conference too,
what was your favorite?

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  1. You are so the opposite of me in that respect. Growing up I loved going to the church to watch conference, because watching it at home made me sleepy. And still does frankly. I'm all cozy on the couch and they all have such smooth and calming voices. I actually really liked Packer's talk in the afternoon Saturday session.