Oct 11, 2009

New Hampshire White Mountains

Who knew that New Hampshire had mountains? Seriously. They were beautiful!
But freezing cold.
The changing leaves were beautiful, and we actually got high enough to see Pine trees, our long lost friends.
The tram mean we didn't have to hike.
I played sherpa to this child all day.
Jodi pulled off the muslim head scarf look and if this is fall... she'll never survive winter.


  1. How fun to be on the east coast and have an entirely new playground to explore! Every pic you post is gorgeous (including Jodi in her scarf, of course!)

  2. Oh that's so pretty! My brother in law is from New Hampshire. Poor Jodi, just don't go into the mountains during the winter. You should be fine

  3. Hi jody and taylor.Thanks for the nice pictures.I get to see all the nice places without leaving my home.Love Oma