Oct 15, 2009

I miss my piece of California

sunset bike rides to this beautiful beach...surfers bobbing in the water...the smell of the ocean (which I never learned to like, but it smelled like home)
...the glorious weather...
just the sight of the ocean,
Oh just the sight!
It took my breath away every time I would reach a point where the big blue sea
would come into view...
and all the times I would say to myself,
"I live here. wow. That is so cool."

I heart you SB, don't ever forget that.


  1. I think it's like that with most places you live for a while. Hopefully, you'll start feeling like that with Boston. :) But the ocean is really hard to leave.

  2. WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! I was thinking about you guys the other day because someone asked me what we were doing for Thanksgiving this year. I was taken back to last year and our AWESOME Thanksgiving feast at your house and it made me sad we won't get to do that again this year. We still LOVE you guys :)

  3. hey there's an ocean here. it's just a lot colder. so less surfers. and more coldness.

  4. Ah! Your description of the beach made me miss our runs together! I think about you ALL the time! We miss you!