Nov 22, 2009

"The Game": Harvard vs Yale

I made a 2.5 hour pilgrimage down to New Haven Connecticut this weekend to see the country's oldest college football rivalry. The T-shirts were hilarious. Harvard shirts to mock yale included "FALE", "nobody ever says they want to go to Yale when they grow up, harvard, my anti-yale. a message from a yale free society", "Safety school" and other funny ones. The yale shirts were funny too like "Yale, almost the same prestige; half the work", "harvard, almost as much fun as abstinence", "you'd have to be crazy to go to harvard" (with a picture of the unibomber class of '67 or something.
from what I could tell by the tiny size of the football players and the cheerleaders... both were definitely held to the same academic standards that only accepts 9% of its applicants.
The game was hilarious. My high school team could have beaten either one. (on the field and in attendance.)We won in the last 5 minutes when the Yale coach took what could only be described as a bold move by deciding to go for it and fake a punt on his own 20 yard line 4th and 22 when he's up 10-0 with 5 minutes left. Two hail mary bomber passes later (Harvard's only offense) and we won the game and stormed the field.
the coolest part, sadly, of the whole game was the super theatrical half time performances by both marching bands. (they insulted eachother by acting out ridiculous skits while the band accompanied)Jodi and Anna went into Boston for the lighting of the tallest tree in New England and other festivities.


  1. You and John, eh? How many of you UCSB kids are posing as Ivy Leaguers?

    Well, Harvard football may not be better than your high school team, but I think they could handle UCSB's team (Ours only seems to show up for April Fool's and Halloween).

  2. Also, if you want to watch some frustrating football you should try watching Stanford.

    Sure, they jump into the top 25 here and there, but they are almost too eager to jump right out again. And our "Big Game" has been a disaster for years now.

  3. shhhh! don't blow our cover jerry ;)

    Dude, there are quite a few of us that snuck in through the backdoor to harvard. Almost Evelyn's entire group came, whereas my group mutineed.

    Tough break for Stanford. They have beaten 8th, 9th, and 24th ranked teams, and they lose to wake forest and arizona?

  4. I saw the highlight for that game. That was pretty good.

  5. Layton high could have beaten them? yikes! Looks like a fun time though