Nov 12, 2009

Top 15 Finalist!

Out of the 5 dresses I submitted to the Shabby Apple design contest, this one was chosen as one of the 15 finalist!! It probably wasn't my favorite, but I'm happy all the same! So here is what you MUST do for me-
Go to this website

And vote for # 11

I guess I can't force you if you like another one better...
but I will know what you voted for so watch out! jk
Don't forget, you can only vote once, but you can cast a vote for every individual in your family!
The more votes the better,
wish me luck!


  1. this is so exciting! I made Tyler vote too.

  2. SWEET JODI!!! Man I can't believe i found you on here! Your living in Boston? It looks like you have gotten to travel a lot! That is so great! I hope all is well

  3. oh and ps. the dress is beautiful! the other ones are too! good job!

  4. It looks awesome. :) I have been checking that blog every day with full confidence I would find one of yours there. And, side effect, I've fallen in love with one of their dresses.

  5. I already voted, but I'll have tron do the same

  6. voted for ya! you got some amazing talent.

  7. Jodi! Hi! Oh that is too funny that we both ended up on Shabby Apple's thing! I'm so glad you made the connection! So how's everything going for you? So you're in Boston huh? How are you liking that? We're still in Ogden, but things are going good. Well best of luck to you!!! I love your design!! That green is awesome!

  8. I am doing well. Yeah I look really different with my short hair. haha I wish it was long again. That is so fun that you are out in Boston. Do you just love it there? The Pralls are in our ward in South Ogden! They are such fun! We love having them in our ward! The dresses are beautiful! I will make sure to vote for you!