Nov 1, 2009

weekend spectacular

This weekend we had stake conference. It was seriously the best I've ever been to. On Friday night, we had the adult session in the Trinity church in Copley Square downtown. Our stake center burned down earlier this year,
so it was very nice of them to let us use the church.
It was beautiful and the music sounded incredible.The Sunday session was at the Marriott hotel (Trinity isn't big enough for everyone). We were so lucky to have Elder M. Russell Ballard, one of the apostles, preside and speak at the conference. The counsel he gave was so good and the spirit filled the meeting. We were even able to shake his hand.
I know that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ!

There was another celebrity there,
Mitt Romney and his wife Ann (because they are in our stake).
When we were leaving the conference, we ended up walking right behind him for several blocks to the same parking garage
(where he drove off in his candy apple red mustang convertible).
We even shared an elevator with him- there were only like 2 other people in there and he was kind of the pink elephant in the room,
-so you ran for President and we all know who you are,
but nobody is going to say anything-

We decided not to be creepy fans, so we didn't talk to him or shake his hand,
but I did snag a picture on my phone.
It was all I could to to keep Taylor from melting into a puddle on the sidewalk.


  1. Wow what a beautiful church to have conference. It's been a while but Boston looks so beautiful (especially with your amazing photography skills) I love your dress sketches and you got a job as a nanny! Me, I'm the same... pregnant and working. Call me soon!

  2. That church is amazing! how cool would it be to have a meeting there