Nov 1, 2009

Halloween fun

For our daytime Halloween activity, Taylor and I went to the amazing Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I know, cliche, but it was perfect. This cemetary is like 175 acres, and I love it.
The leaves were so beautiful.

There are so many cool headstones and tombs to see, and some are very creepy!

And of course, Taylor was his naughty self...

There is a tower you can climb up to the top and get an amazing view of the city
(click to enlarge)

And we had to take some creepy cemetery pics
(we may or may not have buried Taylor in leaves in front of this guys headstone
and turned him into a zombie)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Jodi, those rinky dink photography classes must be paying off after all. The pictures you took are absolutely gorgeous! Looks like your artistic side is out in full force lately. I love it. Glad you guys are having fun out there. What a fun place to live.

  2. gorgeous leaves creepy zombie Taylor

  3. excellent. I love a good zombie (from a distance, while not in any actual danger.)