Oct 31, 2009


last one, I'm sure you're sick of seeing them, I just have to get them all up
Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses
This dress is a poly/lycra blend for a snug fit, but still comfortable. Has a side zipper.
There is a flower detail at the neckline, and the half length sleeves close with a button.
The mid section breaks up the look and elongates the torso.
The bottom is a layered look, same fabric,
with a side split and faux buttons to match the sleeve buttons.
I see it in a spring pink shade


  1. There are really hot! Stop apologizing! I not only want to see more but I want to know if they come in my size.


    ps We missed you at the pumpkin party

  2. No I am NOT sick of seeing them! Each is cuter than the last!! You are seriously so talented.

    And...YES! Bachelor news! Darnit, I was NOT planning to watch another season of that trashy show, but JAKE? How could I possibly say no to Jake??

  3. These are so great Jo! They definitely beat the random sketches of designs you used to show me in Jr. High, and I still thought those were winners.