Dec 11, 2009

I pretty much forgot...

About the dress contest.
We were like completely obsessive at first, looking at the votes everyday,
and then it just started to fade from my mind.

But just so you all know,
I didn't win.
But that's okay. I mean, the fact that I forgot about it shows how heartbroken I am (right??)
I didn't even remember to check the results yesterday, Taylor told me who won last night.

thank you all SO much for the effort you gave to vote for me.
I feel that what I had to gain from this silly little contest, I already did!
I saw how many wonderful people I am surrounded by who show support and excitement for my daily ambitions.

you can see who won here
In the meantime, here's a great pic from Germany '08 that I love completely.


  1. With all due respect, I think the winning dress looks like a girl scout uniform gone wrong.

  2. well I'm sorry that you didn't win, but I think it's cool that you tried for it. Also i love that taylor looks like he's being attacked by little flying gold stars.