Feb 11, 2010

did I ever mention...

That I love this movie?
I introduced Taylor to it last night, and we loved it together. It's clean, the music is amazing (thank you Sondre Lerche), the acting is brilliant, the house makes me happy,
and it feels so....real life.
You should see it.


  1. Best movie line ever: YOU are a murderer of love.

  2. I love this movie!!! It had me laughing so hard I was almost crying...:)

  3. Love it Own it and that Sondre gets me everytime!

  4. Jodi! I just found your blog! You guys are so cute, ice skating on a real lake. That's cold for you!

    I just had to comment because I LOVE this movie too. I think it's now one of my favorites. The part that makes me laugh out loud is when they're in the car reiterating, "I'm in the 4th grade." "She's in the 4th grade!" Such a great flick!

    Miss you guys!

  5. I love this movie too and have become a huge fan of Sondre's since hearing this. Tyler and I still crack up every day about the murderer of love comment. It has become a term of endearment at our house ;)

  6. I like this movie, too. It's just great!