Feb 13, 2010

Hockey on Spy Pond!

Alright- I've hated Boston up til now- but this morning I had a reason to love it here.
We busted out some awesome hockey on Spy Pond. It was so much fun! Also- I think now my blisters actually have blisters on them. Definitely need some thicker socks. We bought skates, so we will be getting plenty of practice.

Even Jodi crawled outta bed and walked the 3 blocks down the road to join the fun.

Did I get some sweet hockey battle scars? You know it!


  1. you know it Ellen! It was epic. I can't decide my favorite part: all of Jon Brady's falls, all of Jeremy Johnson's falls, Amy Langford's unexpectedly wicked good hockey skills or when Brian Sweeney's kid fell through the ice. We're playing again next Saturday morning 9am- be there or be square

  2. That looks like so much fun!!!!

  3. So fun! You probably got more blisters because they were new skates. I'm so jealous of you living on the East coast!

  4. Jodi you look so cute! Love the hood... miss you tons!