Feb 14, 2010

Sunday Song #6

Apologies ahead of time for the shear wimpiness of this Sunday's Song.

Jodi unloaded a husband's worst fear on me this Valentine's Day by saying the following
"You don't have to get me flowers or anything this year for Valentine's Day..... .... just.... do something creative to show me how much you love me."

Oh great! That's exactly why husbands buy flowers and things on Valentine's Day- to avoid doing something creative. blech. So this song is the result.

But don't worry- next week the deepest blues are back.


  1. The song is actually really sweet...although I'm pretty sure you lost all credit you might have gained with your little disclaimer. You never learn boy.

  2. Taylor being romantic? What? I mean, I know you love Jodi and all, but its kind of liking dad trying to keep a straight face while you ask him who farted.
    Are you sure you didn't enlist your hopelessly romantic sidekick Andy to help?
    Good work kid.