Feb 23, 2010

strange physics creatures

Sometimes, wandering through my building, I feel like an explorer in a strange new world.
Watch out for the monsters!


  1. Today for Career Day, two physicists attended. I booked them seperately, but they showed up wearing the same polo shirt... one red with white stripes and one blue with white stripes.

    I went into every room to check on everyone- dude Garrett totally rocked- and the question they were answering was "who pays them". "Well kids... sometimes the federal government has money to pay researchers like us. Other times, they don't."

    Little kid in back raises hand. "What if they don't?!?"

    Two physicists shrug in unison, "We just hope that doesn't happen."

    I wanted to hang a Twilight poster on their wall in retribution.

  2. By the way, Garrett was in a separate engineering room. For some reason I couldn't resist mentioning him in the middle of the physicist story.

  3. Ah yes, the polo shirt- defining "science casual" for nearly 3 decades. Jodi has been trying to make me look like a total tool by trying to dress me in those since we met.

  4. A polo shirt can go two ways:
    Science nerd or the Bro way
    Tricky business