Mar 21, 2010

Sunday Song #11

So we had the ward talent show this week and my song flopped! I had never tried to sing and play before. Turns out it's really hard and threw me off pretty bad. So I'll not be posting that video, but rather I'll post the song as I intended it to sound.

This is my favorite of all my songs.


  1. Tayzor! May I inquire for the program you use to record? By the way they sound really great. I love this last one.

  2. Kye! I love you brotha. I didn't know you followed the blog.

    I have been using the free software Audacity to record but I just switched to Adobe Soundbooth cs4.

    I'm really glad that you liked that song. Like I said, it's totally my favorite. It has melody too that sounds great. The key is D minor.

    Are you still recording? I would love to hear your stuff.

  3. This is awesome! I would like to request all my previous favs re-recorded on your new program- it sounds so smooth. I am racking up quite the Sparks playlist.

    p.s. Andrew says: "I like it. You can tell him that."

    p.p.s. We took the Youth to do temple baptisms for some of the ward members yesterday and Brother Evelyn had a relative named "Blaze". I would like to suggest that to you and Jodi as a possibility. "Blaze Sparks". You know it's gonna be me!

  4. That was great, but come on let us see the talent show video

  5. no way jose! That video is deleted. It went really, really, really badly. (that's right. 3 really's)

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  7. what would be really sweet is to do a co-write on one of your sunday songs. from east-coast to....mid-coast? lol yea i kinda figured it was in Dm i was jamming to it last night and what playing in double-drop D tuning.

    yea I just rebuilt my computer and moved back in with my parents so I haven't quite had the time to record much. but you have inspired me to do so.

  8. do it Kye!

    I'm game for a postal service co-write song.

    Do you wanna lay the first track or me? email me at