Apr 22, 2010

Oh Patriot's Day

On Monday morning we crawled out of bed at 4:50 and shuffled our buns out to Lexington for the reenactment of the mysterious first shot taken in the Revolutionary War. A couple from our church who live only a few blocks away from the green offer their home for parking- this year they parked a record of 50 cars and none of them blocked in!

There were people of epic proportions there to watch the small battle, I wouldn't doubt over a thousand...I get the idea that this is a major tradition.

Here I am looking so beautiful in the morning
Thanks to our friends who brought stools for us, otherwise I wouldn't have seen a thing.
At 6:00 the shot was fired and the battle began.

Taylor was glad they actually pretended to die in this battle (unlike the other we saw)- I'm not sure that's an acceptable way to feel...but I suppose on the grounds of the battle being more 'realistic'.
And can you believe that those dear people who let us park on their grass also fed buffet breakfast to all? We enjoyed it with plenty of friends and neighbors.

Our 3 hour nap that followed was divine.

Taylor took off for school (can you believe Harvard held classes on such a day as this?) and I went to cheer for 26,735 runners of the Boston Marathon. These people are incredible.

I cheered for our friend John. He kicked butt.

And many of you probably remember seeing these guys in this video of Team Hoyt.
They were awwwesome.

Congratulations to Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya who now holds the men's record, finishing in 2 hours 5 minutes!
And to the female winner Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia who finished in 2 hours 26 minutes.

If you want to read more about it, or see pictures (like the ones above I stole) go here.

An open invitation was given to everyone at church to finish off the day at Kimball Farms, satisfying our pallets with some amazing ice cream.

Just so you know, this post took me 2 1/2 days to get up, thanks to Blogger having a stubborn episode.

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  1. Looks like a fun day, I'm not so sure I'd wake up that early though.