Apr 24, 2010

Quincy Quarry Rock Climbing

A great view of the city in the distanceI went rock climbing today at Quincy Quarry with Ryan Arnold and Scott Raymond. Go ahead, start typing "quincy quarry" into google search bar and you'll see that google finishes your search with "quincy quarry deaths." Apparently it is a super ghetto place where people get killed all the time. The climbing was super fun though.
Ya, just try smearing your climbing shoes on that spray painted rock!
Lots of really nice grass and fun granite cliffs.
Lots of ponds and nasty water, but there were tons of fish swimming around
Ryan is an unbelievable climber. He put us to shame big time. (see him destroying that roof?)
and me. This is the best face there... but some dorks were camped out on it all day and weren't even climbing. Next time.

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