Jun 10, 2010

4 Years

Last year on our anniversary, I was an emotional disaster covered in hamburger drippings frantically packing up boxes and moving out of our home in Santa Barbara- alone while Taylor was in Beijing.

This year, I'm sure many of you will be glad to know, he definitely made it up to me. Taylor took the day off of working in the lab just to be with me all day. We started it off with a good American breakfast- which is purely divine so far from home. We watched Date Night and laughed together. We shopped and bartered, and he was so patient with my dreadful case of indecision.

We ended the day with dinner at a very charming Balinese restaurant nestled on the trees, sitting at the edge of a "laguna", and glowing with candles and torches.

It was just nice to be together. That's all.

And you need to see what Taylor ate. Seafood and curry sauce in a pineapple. Yowza.


  1. Nice job Tay. I new you had it in you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Four years already?????Happy Anniversary.Enjoy your stay.Hugs from Opa and Oma

  3. Jodi- I just realized I never thanked you for that cookie recipe you sent me... Thanks!! :) Also Congratulations!! It looks like you had an amazing anniversary!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I'm glad you were able to have a good night.

  5. Happy Anniversary! It does not seem that long. Looks like a fun time