Jun 8, 2010

I heart Engrish

I saw a big burly dude yesterday with a shirt that said
"Little Miss V.I.P"

It pretty much made my day. You can see gems like this all over the place here


  1. I had something clever to say, but it can't beat Ali's comment.

  2. Um, yes, I want one. Seriously, if you wanna get me a present for next time we see each other, I want one of those. And Derek too :)

  3. you got it aynna! The search is on!

  4. In Brazil my favorites included:

    3. a cartoon cat on a surfboard "Hang loosely and cat a wave"

    2. What have you done for me later?

    1. ...and my very favorite- a very large man in a very tight pink tank top that read "Im genie in bottle baby".