Jun 19, 2010

Come With Me...

On a trip to the grocery store!

We'll head out to the Carrefour, where it's always a party. I go at least once a week, usually twice. That big blue building straight ahead is our destination. Luckily it's not too far.
Let's get right to the good stuff...

These little eels are always on the move, slithering and sliding all over each other, just shouting out "Pick me! Pick me! I want to be dinner tonight!"

I know, I know, I'm getting you hungry alreadyI'm never sure how I feel about the frozen Chicken Family section. Taylor says this guys looks totally relaxed.

A great game to play here is "What Is It"

What Is It?
Chicken Feet!

What Is It?
Pig Feet!

We'll head on over to the seafood section, where it's always fresh...

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, roly poly Fish Heads...

What Is It?
Octopus Tentacles!

The produce section is quite delightful. Have you ever seen pink tomatoes, eggplants shaped like tomatoes, white carrots, or this colorful fruit?

There is an endless supply of dried food of all varieties.

Now to our favorite section, treats! Two thumbs way up for China's candy and snacks.

Unfortunately, the one treat we just can't buy is ice cream. Do you see the price? That's $10 for a 1/2 gallon!

Need to go downstairs for toiletries and other goods? No problem! These escalators were made so you can bring your cart with you.

Of course, no shopping trip is complete without a stop at Lillian Cakes for a wee cheesecake for 3.80 RMB (that's about 50 cents). Mmmm, delicious...

Here's my personal pack mule. He's only looking angry because he has to carry a pink bag. Unfortunately, the only other bags they sell at the Carrefour have girls whose hair is blowing in the wind and looking very excited to do their shopping, or bags with Disney characters on them. If you want to use regular plastic baggies, you have to buy them at check out.

Well that's it! I promise it's not only filled with unusual eats, there is a great variety.


  1. What a fun little Tour. I totally rocked the guess what it is game!

  2. Awesome - This post came up on my Google Reader halfway through breakfast, and I found myself unable to finish it. No wonder Chinese women are so skinny.

  3. such a cool post! but it's a good thing computers aren't set up with 'smell-o-vision' yet because I think the seafood fishhead section would make me gag. seriously jodi, major props to you for not puking throughout the aisles of that store!

  4. Mmmmm...nothing like a relaxed chicken to chomp on.

  5. This post made me laugh out loud! Relaxed chicken! You are a lucky girl to have such treats easily accessible.

  6. I think I'd become a vegetarian for sure! I can't handle those body parts for sale.....