Jun 17, 2010

It's Happening

I regret to inform you that the heat is rising. And all I want to do is lay on my bed in my underwear. Even that is hot. There is no escape. As I sit here in my room, it feels hard to breathe because the air is so heavy. Most people from church are escaping to the U.S. for the Summer to get away from it.

Today is definitely a downer...I'm hot. I'm bored to death. My one friend is in Beijing for the week. I thought I would go to the park and find a shady spot to read my book, and then it started to rain...but now I don't want to go anymore because it's too hot. I had to talk on the phone with an English speaking Chinese girl and couldn't understand her. And someone told me I am fat and I should lose 5 kilograms since Taylor only weighs 10lbs more than me.

Is it pretty bad that I am feeling ready to come home now? We've been here for 3 1/2weeks, and the "vacation" is ending, you know? I'm not used to having to stay somewhere foreign for so long, but not long enough to really settle in and live a normal life.

On a positive note, here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Fried dumplings have become our favorite. Taylor wants to eat them everyday.
Everywhere you go, you can find something Green Tea flavored, even Krispy Kreme! And we had to pay for our hot donuts...Hello! Don't you know the "Hot Now" sign means free donuts??We see a lot, and I mean A LOT, of couples who match. In some cases, it's the whole family. 2 separate examples I saw just the other day: one couple was wearing purple jeans and pink t-shirts with teddy bears, and the other couple was wearing pink shirts- his said "Happy" and hers said "Valentine's Day". And then I finally had the perfect chance to capture a great example:
Yesterday was a holiday, so there were a lot of people at the park near our home. We wandered around and enjoyed taking in all the sights around us. In one small corner of the park, there were some performing Drag Queens making the most horrendous sound ever. Chinese men should never try to sing like a Chinese woman.


  1. whoa now, I feel I'd better clarify before my feminazi sisters have my head- I was not the certain "someone" mentioned in the story who called Jodi fat.
    That would be suicide.

  2. Hang in there!! BTW, tell your husband to gain 10 lbs, you don't need to loose weight,,,,,hes a bean pole! Ha

  3. Jodi, honestly! You guys are so amazing! I am so amazed at your crazy lives! Those crazy chinese you are tiny! I hope you gave that person a really dirty look. Let us know when you are venturing back this way, we miss you guys!

  4. Hang in there friend! wishing I could join you for some cold tea and book reading in the park - even if it does make us feel melty.

    Definitely wishing you were here to hang out with Heidi and me. the three of us would have a blast.

  5. Hang in there.Things will get better or you just get use to it.Love all that fun food you eating.
    Keep cool

  6. Try to combat the boredom with more blogging, please. I just love the way you write.

  7. Did you kick that person who said you needed to lose weight?! I would have or at least insulted them, but I'm probably a worse person than you are. I think you look great. My cousin and her husband would fit right in there. They match and I think it's hilarious