Jun 22, 2010

Meet Woody

Woody on the left, and his friend Michael

I suppose it's time I actually tell you about him, since we are living in his house.

"Woody", born Feng Lin Gang, is a hip Porsche-driving 40 year old who hates his job as a civil engineer, has eyes that smile at you, and whose name translates to Forest Steel.

He has 2 older sisters who are both married and have one son, and a Mother and Father who live here in the city. He has been divorced for six years, and has a 10 year old daughter who is as cute as a button who he "loves very much". She lives with her mother in Shanghai, and Woody supports them both. He wants to send her to school in America so she can have the best life. He wants to remarry, but finding a single woman his age is difficult. I help him practice English, and he makes us laugh every day. I wish you could here all of our conversations and how much fun we have- like how I try not to laugh when he forgets and calls his kitchen "chicken" or when he replaces his r's with l's, or when Taylor teaches him slang and he says it all wrong.

Oh boy, it's the best.


  1. Glad he didn't end up being a psycho killer. Now let's get us a "made in woody's house"...

  2. This post made me laugh a lot. How funny and cute! Thanks for the great introduction.