Jun 22, 2010

New TNG quotes

Man I forgot how awesome this show is. Seriously.

Here's two very short Worf clips you need to see again:


is it just me or is the death cry and the mate luring cry basically the same thing?

Here are some good quotes recently too

"Yes. .. But, it's still moving."
"Gagh is always best when served live. .. Would you like something easier?"
"Easier ?"
"Yes. If Klingon food is too strong for you, perhaps we could get one of the females to breast-feed you."
 -- Riker and Klag in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"

"Ugly Bags Of Mostly Water we try at peace, you do not listen. Bag who drill in Sand Of Home had to die."

-- Lifeform in ST:TNG "Home Soil"

"They were just sucked into space" -- Riker
"Blown, sir" -- Data
"Sorry, Data" -- Riker
"Common mistake, sir" -- Data (The Naked Now)

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  1. Oh boy. Are you learning klingon in your spare time?