Jul 11, 2010

A for Effort

Taylor said I got fired from my job. What he should have told me was that I was fired from the blog, because I have failed to post for a whole week.

But no, he really meant from my job. Teaching English.

Here's the story folks-

I worked for 2 days with this kid. It was like pulling teeth to get him to smile and be chatty. As you already know, I was not loving it. I couldn't imagine doing it for the next month, if it was going to continue the way it had been in those 2 days. I really was trying my best to be optimistic and happy.

Last Sunday, I prayed real hard. I said Will you please help things to get better, or else will you please let something change? Whichever will help me most to enjoy my last month here...

That night while I was actually reading through my manuals and planning my lessons, giving it lots of effort, I received a text message from the employment manager that said:

"Hi Jodi, I am sorry to inform you that your student has been on summer vacation until the end of August. You v no class tomorrow v him. If we have right student will call you right away."

Needless to say, I was slightly confused by this message. After several days of trying to contact someone to figure out exactly what was going on (a whole different story about the frustrations of working with the Chinese culture), I learned that the student dropped out because, if I understand correctly, his parents want one teacher until the end of August , but I am leaving at the beginning of August. That, or after 2 days he had just had enough of my nonsense.

So Taylor said I was fired.

I say, let's look at it this way... They were like- come teach this student, oh nevermind that won't work, maybe we'll call you if we have another.

Right? Right? Tell me you're on my side, just to make me feel better. I'm so not a failure.

Maybe they will hire me to help the employment manager practice her English. Psh.


  1. I say the Lord answered your prayer and you are off the hook with the obnoxious kid. Now enjoy that last month. :)

  2. You are not a failure. I'm on your side.

  3. I agree that this was a very swift answer to prayers.

  4. What an amazing answer to prayer! It looks like it worked out for everyone. And you're totally not a failure. I did a summer of teaching English (more like chatting with them) and it was HARD! It took some serious effort to come up with things to say, and that was in a group setting with several other "teachers," so I can only imagine how grueling it was for you and your non-cooperative kid. What a relief it's over. Enjoy the rest of your time there!

    P.S. I love the "Engrish" in the text message: "...your student HAS BEEN on summer vacation until the end of August." Maybe that's been the problem all along-- he wasn't really there! ;)

  5. I vote it was an answered prayer. I laughed at Jeannies comment. I agree with her. Only I've never taught English but sometimes Gabe or Noah will ask me a question about something they are learning- rules of the English language & reading- and I'll be stumped. I couldn't imagine trying to teach someone who doesn't speak the language in the first place. Really. I think it was a blessing. :)