Jul 23, 2010

One thing I will miss...

Good friends.

I'm sorry I haven't had much to say on here. I feel like I'm out of good stories.

Here's one for you...

I went to my painting class today. If you remember, it's held inside a fabulous Italian restaurant before opening time and the class is made up of ladies from all over the globe. Every week after the first hour, we take a break and everyone sits at the bar while the teacher takes orders and gets everybody coffees, cokes, and sparkling water- I'm the only one that always gets just plain old water.

Once everybody has their drinks, Mr. Chen always clangs on his glass to get everyone's attention to play his "games". Picture him- a tall rectangular shaped Chinese man, 45, fuzzy head, glasses, baggy polo shirt, shorts, stockings that come up to his knees, and great Engrish. His games have consisted of stating whether or not when you look at his glass you see it as half empty or half full, another time was telling each of our personalities according to the way we eat corn on the cob, and today it was even more in depth.

Imagine there are multiple things happening at once:
The baby is crying
The water is running in the kitchen sink
The phone is ringing
Someone is knocking on the door
and you are still not dressed for the day

which do you take care of first? second? and so forth...don't cheat by looking below

Want to know what your priorities are in life (according to Mr. Chen)?

The baby= family
The water running= finances and money
The phone ringing= work and business
The door= friends
getting dressed= your love life

Ridiculous? I'll let you decide;)

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  1. I love that Taylor caught you scurrying up onto the couch and wouldn't let you go until a nice booty shot had been taken. I can just imagine you reprimanding him. Ha!

    And I will forever more have to psychoanalyze the way people eat corn on the cob in an attempt to see what type of person they really are. I cut mine off the cob and eat it with a fork. I wonder what that says about me?