Jul 25, 2010

a very bad day for my face

The day started out normal enough...then we found a sweet fountain area that was squirting water...
then I mangled my stomach...
and my face doing a wicked sweet penguin slide...
The gash was ~1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. I was terrified of getting stitches in a chinese I hospital and I somehow thought that superglueing the wound together with a week's worth of stubble was a better idea... (note the tissue glued to my face as we ride the subway home)Turns out letting Steve use the superglue on the 1st attempt was a horrible idea! Steve's fingers got stuck to my face and when he pulled them off I think it tore the gash even bigger. Even worse, my entire chin and goatee was a mass of superglue, nasty half-beard and blood. This was after I shaved and scraped off as much as I could...
From here on out all I could do was pull massive amounts of beard out...
And I also had to pull the glue out of the wound from our failblog worthy first attempt at glueing the wound open. What you see here is a big chunk of Taylor meat. mmm....hmmmm... pain.
Ready for the final glueing (a 5 person job apparently)...
Massive scar waiting to happen or good as new? We shall see.


  1. 1. nice showing off the underwear band roll to the internet
    2. I'm not sure I can stomach eating anything pink for a while thanks to the chunk of your chin on the end of the tweezers
    3. where is the 'after' picture with the gash glued shut?
    4. final bit of trivia - super glue was originally invented to close wounds.

  2. You are going to die from some horrible Chinese bacterial infection. We will morn your loss.

  3. I was sure we had a post operation picture. I'll try and find it.

    superglue saved countless lives in vietnam where it was first used. The only difference between store bought superglue (ethylcyanoacrylate) and the "dermabond" superglue (octylcyanoacrylate)that is used by vetrinarians, midwives and military is the chain length of the polymer. The stuff I used has noxious fumes and isn't antibacterial- hence the raging infection.


  4. You know Taylor I would have to argue that for operating in a Chinese bathroom the first time getting my fingers stuck to your face should have been the least of your worries! oh and I am still waiting for your co-pay so I can bill your insurance for the operation... it was a day that will not be forgotten!

  5. 1. The couch is SO comfortable! We've loved it!
    2. I haven't even looked through the CD's. :) I may have to pull out that Ace of Base one and rock out!
    3. We ate our fake Chinese food and thought of you guys! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! You should have braved the doctors. It would have been less pain