Jul 12, 2010

Party in China

The nice thing about not having to work is that I got to spend the whole week hanging out with our visitors. Taylor's sister came to town with her husband, baby, and mother-in-law. It's been a party. Here's some pics...

Alicia can't get enough massages...especially since they are like $5

Here I am teaching Tina the proper way to use the squat toilets
She struggled a little...
Taylor and Ryan had to get in on the action

Chinese people everywhere just can't get enough of the baby
I'm not sure if they are more impressed with her, or her sweet ride

And I think this is how we all felt at the end of everyday

Now they are venturing through Beijing (hopefully they haven't been kidnapped), and will be back tomorrow for more partying.


  1. Thanks Jody for the Pictures and how are things going.I missed your travel log.Keep up the good work.Hugs