Dec 19, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

If you didn't get this as an email, sorry! It means I probably don't have your email. Here's the card though (and message)
Another year flies by!
This one brought with it plenty of new adventures! In Boston we ice skated on frozen lakes, watched Revolutionary War reenactments and cooked lobster on windy beaches. For the summer we lived for 3 months together in Shanghai where Jodi learned to paint Chinese calligraphy and eat things she never dreamed of and Taylor did research at the Chinese Academy of Science for Ceramics. While we were there we hiked through the breathtaking Yellow Mountains, explored exciting Shanghai, survived the crowded 2010 World Expo and ate delicious food! On the way home from China we stopped in Utah to see Taylor's little brother's wedding and then traveled through Yellowstone and the Tetons with our new city slicker friends from Boston (stopping at every swimming hole we could find along the way).

We hope all this served as good training for life's next big adventure: Jodi is pregnant with a baby boy due in April!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2011,
Taylor & Jodi Sparks

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  1. Wow... what a year! You guys have the best adventures.