Dec 17, 2010

Go Team AMERICA!!!

Bill came through! It was a photo finish! Down to the wire! Bill devasted Team America (me and Roger) advancing to the semi-finals where he faced the brutal champion of Indonesia, Andi. Meanwhile, Xin was making mincemeat out of the Chinese delegation and proceeded to lay a whomping on poor Mor, from Israel.
And there we were. USA vs China for the finals. Xin was the most amazing ping pong player of all time. He struck with the deadly speed and grace of a mongoose. It was like watching a jedi-master of ping pong. 

Somehow. SOMEHOW.... SOMEHOW... Bill managed to beat him though! Bill got in his head, capitalizing on the mental advantage and was soon 10-3 winning with game point. Then, Xin rallied and before we knew it, the score was 10-10!!! But Bill saved the day!

Team AMERICA 1st place (Bill)
Team China 2nd place (Xin)
Team Indonesia 3rd place (Andi)

Can't wait for three months when we have the next Clarke group games- BADMINTON! Enjoy that sweet, sweet trophy now Bill. In three months, I'm takin it home.

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  1. Looks like you Guys are having fun big time,
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Give little Sparky a hug from me.