Dec 12, 2010

Thoughts for Christmas

It's already a couple weeks before Christmas, and I've found myself not thinking enough about what I should be, and worrying too much about the gifts I still have to buy. I'm pretty good about it, keeping Christmastime simple- I despise the hustle and bustle and materialism.

Taylor and I have our own tradition (which I stole from my sister) involving a small white stocking and some dedication. On Christmas we each decide individually what gift we can give to Christ this next year, anything we want to try to improve of ourselves. We write it down, and stick it into the stocking to reflect on and evaluate ourselves the next Christmas. I like this simple tradition, and it helps me remember what is most important.

So, I'm really trying to think about this and how I can improve myself.

Those are just some Christmas thoughts, and here's a wonderful message to go along:

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