Jan 21, 2011

You know you're pregnant when...

...The finale of Prison Break puts you into a sobbing fit.

The last couple weeks have consisted of 3 snow days (which means no work for me), one holiday, and a whole lot of online streaming of Prison Break through netflix. I'm trying to adjust back to my normal schedule, but I feel like I just broke up with all of my friends.

Time to start a new book and enjoy another snow day.


  1. I watched almost all of season 1 and 2 in the last week of pregnancy with my youngest! And she turned out sooo cute so it must be a good sign for you ;)

  2. This made me really happy by the way. And also, your little belly is dang cute.


    PS do you think we'll ever regularly photoblog again? I've got one cued for last week. I'll try to be on time for this week too! We've got to figure out a plan. :)

  3. Hi--just saw your link on Lee Fleming's blog. Love your post title and have been thinking of writing something very similar. My most recent: You know you're pregnant when the best method for turning over in bed involves standing on the floor and backing into bed from the other direction. Best of luck to you!

  4. ha ha that's one of the weirdest parts about pregnancy. I cried at a McDonald's commercial.