Feb 14, 2011

Happy Day to You

We're not big Valentine's Day people. I guess I used to be, but after too many upsets because of unmet expectations, I realized that what the world tells you should be expected is pretty ridiculous.

So I changed my mind on the matter. I stopped expecting.

And now it can just be a simple happy day. We don't buy gifts, we don't go out for an expensive dinner, and I don't even expect flowers. I like to recognize the holiday and dress appropriately, do an extra kind deed for my dearest, and just love each other and our friends.

Taylor cooked up a delicious pizza, and it was just a nice day.

I hope you all enjoyed yours.


  1. That's a fun pizza. I love giving gifts whenever possible. So, I'm all about giving gifts on Valentine's day, but I couldn't care less about getting them. It's nice that you just appreciate each other.

  2. That is how we usually celebrate. We never really do anything special, just spend time together. Although this year, because I am home and have the time, we had a lot of heart shaped food. Kate made a card for Ben, and we sent treats with him to work. We had fun getting ready, it was just nice to have projects to work on. We can't wait for spring, so we can get out of the house every once in a while!