Feb 6, 2011

a story

I can't believe we're at 7 months already.

Here's the latest...we found a crib on sale at Target that came with a free mattress, but the sale was ending that day (yesterday).
We jump in the car and trek over to Target, but alas there are no cribs out on the shelf. Let's ask someone if they have one in the back I say. We are wandering around looking for someone when Taylor says Wait, why are we doing this, you said you could just buy it online.

I say- that's fine. I think I was just desperate to get out of the house at least once. Check.

I'm finalizing my online purchase when I realize that this item doesn't qualify for free shipping, and with the extra charges, it won't be such a great deal. I see a button- Find this item at a store. I do a search, and discover that yes, the store we were just at does in fact have more available.

Once we finally have the crib in our hands and walk out of the store, it starts to rain. We quickly shove the mattress into the trunk and are pushing the crib box into the back seat- it doesn't fit. And within about 10 seconds the rain goes from bad to monsoon. I'm freaking out, Taylor is trying to figure out how to open up the back seat to the trunk, we're both yelling at each other, and everything is completely soaked.

That was really awful, I say as we finally pull out of the parking lot, and neither of us say anything the rest of the way home.

Crib...check. And it's lovely.


  1. That may be awful but you look beautiful!


  2. You look so cute! 7 months already?! I remember thinking baby is taking forever to get here and now for me a year has passed. So enjoy these last few weeks too.

  3. Your pregnancy is going by SO fast. I'm jealous, I swear mine was the slowest moving pregnancy ever. You look so cute! And way to find the good deal on the crib WITH the mattress. Those things can be so expensive.