Apr 30, 2012

Atticus's 1st Birthday

Atticus had a great first birthday. He was a little bit suspicious of the cake at first...
 but he got the idea pretty quick

and soon, was a total disaster.
 Here's a video of him gobbling some cake.

Check out his post cake sugar high, something tells me that Atticus would be an angry drunk.

Jodi made an atticus a cake in a can, cupcakes and awesome strawberry lemon cake (yes, after 6 years of marriage we finally used that funky bundt cake pan).
Great friends came. Even a few babies who wanted to help Atticus eat his cake.


  1. I think he was more suspicious of the people than he was of the cake.

  2. He doesn't care about the spectators -- just the cake!

  3. Funny that you mention him as an angry drunk in this post because I dreamed about Atticus last night. I dreamed he was a forty-year-old lazy slobbish unshaven drunk. I was sitting in a room with him and a lot of other people. I kept looking over at him and asking myself, "How could that be Atticus?" Then I would picture his cherubic baby face and I couldn't make myself believe he had turned out that way. Don't worry; if you read my blog you know that my bizarre dreams have nothing to do with reality.

  4. I can't believe he is a year old! What a cutie pie!

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