May 14, 2012

Keeping goals through technology?

What? you didn't think Jodi was the only person who was making new goals this year, did you?

My goals were to
  1. read scriptures every day
  2. have family scripture study and prayer each day
  3. read at least one new scientific journal article a day
  4. exercise daily
 I found a cool little app that helps me make sure to do it every day. Every morning each goal starts out red and once I do it I just tap the little icon and it goes from red to green and the number increases by one. If I don't turn it green by midnight then the numbers reset to zero. Don't break the chain!
This way every time I check my phone (approximately 10 million times a day) I see whether or not my goal is done and I can't rest until I do.


  1. That is awesome!!! ... although knowing me I would get obsessed with it - Melissa

  2. And the name of the app would be?..... I think I would like that one.

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  4. The app is free and is called MyChain MyChain However, if I recall you have an iphone instead of an android. Sadly, last I heard, the iphone doesn't do widgets (on screen interactive elements from an app) so you'll have to settle for something else.
    Just another case of what iphone can't, android can ;)

  5. I got an android. :) The Fusion if I remember correctly. In anycase I downloaded the app so we'll see how I like it!

  6. Oh! Thank you for explaining that about the widget bit, I have been trying to pinpoint the one other thing that the droid did for me that my iphone doesn't (the other is a native map app with turn-by-turn). I still prefer my iphone but this app looks awesome.

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