May 12, 2012

Rappelling in the Catskills

About a month ago Evan Johnson and I went rappelling in the Catskills and loved it, but we only made it half way through since we got a late start and things got pitch black and real cold.

Leaving a job half done simply wouldn't do, so we decided to head back. This time we brought along Lance (the same outdoors maniac guy who took me caving) and Mauricio, our buddy from Argentina.

The trip was incredible and so beautiful. The canyon is only 1.4 miles long but drops over 1400ft so this means that, on average, there is a 100+ ft waterfall every 500 feet that you hike. In other words, it's wicked steep. There was a decent amount of water flowing and we rappelled right next to or into the waterfall.
 The best part was all the deep swimming holes we found to swim in, cliff jump into and slide down. 
At the end of the canyon it flattened out a little bit and there were even deeper pools to swim in.
I'll post some videos soon!


  1. I'm jealous, it looks awesome!!

  2. That looks AMAZING! I want to play...


  3. These are some amazing picture of very beautiful place. butterfly

  4. Where in the Catskills is this located?

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