Jul 20, 2012

Buenos Aires- part 1


*I'm sorry this post has no photos except one from Taylor's phone. I was REALLY tired and camera lazy. It's no excuse, I know.

Our flight to Argentina was an overnight, so we arrived in Buenos Aires in the morning, but our bus to Bahia Blanca didn't leave until 7pm- a 9 hour bus trip (on a luxury bus at least). I'm sure you can imagine how much I wanted a bed after two nights without.

Fortunately, a soft spoken and kind hearted Marcelo Morero greeted us at the airport with his lovely wife, Renata. Though Taylor and Marcelo were never companions, they served together and became very close. They made a 3 hour trip from their home just to spend the day with us and take us around Buenos Aires. This was the first glimpse for me of what generous hosts the people of Argentina are, and I felt bad because I kept falling asleep every time we were in the car.

Sadly, so very sadly, we did not get a picture of them. I guess I was planning to snap a photo all together before we parted ways. However, Marcelo was unfamiliar with driving in Buenos Aires, the traffic was terrible and difficult, and the GPS kept leading him astray and our bus was going to leave in literally 5 minutes so they hailed us a taxi and we quickly kissed goodbye and were off.

We missed our bus. As we ran into the terminal it was pulling away. We yelled for them to wait, but the driver yelled something back as they drove off. I absolutely yelled out a curse word, because I was not about to sleep in a bus station and our tickets cost $70 each- forgive me. Fortunately, they were kind enough to put us on another bus line in just two hours. God is kind, even when I curse.

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