Jul 28, 2012

Bahia Blanca

I apologize for my absence, we've been away on a family camping adventure.

So, to continue...


Our bus arrived in Bahia Blanca at 7 am and we were greeted by the lovely Susanna Costa. The sun didn't come up until closer to 9 am, how weird is that? I was so happy to have a shower and some food, and to be in a beautiful and comfortable home.

First thing, Susanna took us to see Hermano Bravo. He was a member from the church who had an apartment behind his home where missionaries lived, including Taylor. When he answered the door and Taylor excitedly told him who he was, Hermano Bravo threw his arms open with surprise, and shut the door. I could tell already he was a tease. I couldn't help but laugh at this joyous greeting, and Hermano Bravo returned with his wife to let us in.

I looked around the small and comfortable abode, adoring the trinkets and wall hangings, spotting several photographs of missionaries on some shelves. They still had a photo of Taylor amongst the others.

We had a lovely conversation with them. Taylor told him how good he looked, and he jumped out of his chair and enthusiastically asked me as he turned about proudly, "How old do you think I am?"

He told us that he never noticed his wife at church when they were young, and then one day he really saw her and suddenly:

"she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen."

He is a great man of faith, even amidst some trials. He sent me off with a blessing to me, my baby, and all my family.


I have heard more about Susanna Costa than any other person from Taylor's mission.  When her husband, Luis, opened the door to the missionaries a decade ago, he jokingly directed them to his wife, a devout baptist.

All these years later, she remains active in our church, is currently the Relief Society president for her congregation, and is so happy. She explained to us how she was experiencing depression and other challenges before she met the missionaries, and she is now happier than ever. Her husband was baptized a couple of years ago, but is not currently active, though very supportive.

Luis runs a small market that has been in the family for decades. It was wonderful and charming. Every time Taylor asked what a food was, Luis would say, "Here take it, take it, try it." He loaded up on a variety of meat from their butcher for the asado they were going to cook later that night for dinner: steaks, rids, thyroid, intestines, chorizo, blood sausages, yum! (the not so weird stuff really was delicious)

This was my first Argentine dinner, and I got to experience the very late dinners they have. We ate around 9:30, typical. They let the asado cook nice and slow

They had friends over, Luis played the accordian, they danced. It was wonderful. 

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