Aug 9, 2012

crazy house

We've been in Santa Barbara for a week now. I'm still surrounded by stuff. My home is still not put together. I really like my new home at least. We haven't had the internet until today. My laptop screen isn't working AGAIN, right now I'm typing on it while it is plugged into Taylor's desktop monitor. How annoying. I feel like I'm losing my head. And my new favorite pants shrunk today. I also got to walk along the ocean for my exercise this morning, so that's pretty neat. I'm trying to get my life together, so I'm just not going to get around to much blogging just yet!


  1. Good luck in you new home.Enjoy the stay in California.No heat like Arizona from 110 to 120.How is the little Sparkie doing?Take care Love ya Oma and Opa

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