Aug 22, 2012

la morocha

this may come as a shock to some of you, but there's a new love interest in my life.

somebody who I just can't stop thinking about.

she's curvy and glamorous with an attitude.

and she's black.

she really gets my heart pumping.

and best of all? Jodi doesn't even seem to mind.

introducing "La Morocha"

that would be a Honda Shadow Spirit 750  (Vt750C2) with super low miles, cushy extras and we got it for HALF of it's kbb / nada value! Dream. Come. True. I've been waiting for years to buy another bike and I've been watching the web like a hawk for months for just the right deal to come along, and here she is.

We drove down to San Diego to pick it up over the weekend. We stayed with some friends and they introduced us to the amazing tacos al pastor which blew my mind. He is training to become a Navy Seal and so he showed us the training ground where Hell Week takes place. Here's the pool you might have seen from the show "Surviving the Cut." it's on netflix, and it's great.
The only thing I need to remember, is that when riding along the PCH in the sun with a T-shirt on for 4+ hours, I need to wear sun block.


  1. The shirt says Harvard, but the sunburn says dumb...

  2. Thanx for sharing such great information...........