Jul 13, 2012

Flowing Robes & Floppy Hats

 I am so happy to have my computer back, I have felt so lost to the world without it.

Graduation is old news now, but it's still exciting to us and I must share evidence of the big day. I could hardly believe the event had arrived, and I was looking forward to attending graduation at Harvard. In the end, I was really not impressed in the least and it was such a long day. I must say, however, that it absolutely felt like something from Harry Potter- complete with marching in of houses, dorky robes, banging of canes, speeches in Latin...wrought with long time traditions. We officially have a Dr. in the house!




  1. yay! Way to go Taylor! You guys are awesome!!! What an incredible journey you've been on, and am sure the crazy journey's will continue, as we all live through you :)! Congrats!

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