Jul 2, 2012

In Transition

I realize how long it has been since we last posted, and some of you are probably wondering what is happening now- assuming, at least, that someone out there is interested...
In a nutshell, we left Boston and have made Utah our home base for now, though we've been busy and traveling in and out of the country. And my computer has been on the fritz, which has made blogging come to a screeching halt. You know, because I'm too lazy to upload pictures to my parents computer and do it all from there, I just don't. I have to blog from my familiar space.

Taylor leaves this weekend to start working in Santa Barbara, and I will join him once we have a place to live.  And hopefully soon, I can put up some pictures of our recent grad, our wild child, and our trip to Argentina.


  1. Argentina?!? Wow. I can't wait to see photos.

    Oh, the Jacobson's are landing in Camarillo. :)

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