Sep 16, 2012

My Happiness Project

Did you think I had given up and hoped you wouldn't notice?

What's that you say? You would never lose confidence in me? Good, because I am not one to quit something that I started (including really terrible books)...

I knew it was going to be difficult to maintain new routines and goals in the middle of a move- especially our move that included the packing up, living with my parents for 2 months, and then the unpacking- but I am still at it.

This move has been hard for me. Probably because I have a little person that, as soon as we got here, hit the ground running without giving me time to put everything on hold and piece my life back together. That and my ocd that makes me feel like I'm turning circles and cannot function. There have been many suddenly-crying-for-no-good-reason moments. It's this crazy cycle where I feel like I can't fully function in my everyday routines until my life is completely and perfectly in order, but I can't get things in order because I'm trying to accomplish the everyday routines. Thank goodness I'm at least somewhere familiar so that I don't have to also be learning my way around and meeting all new people. Everything is unpacked, but there are still no pictures on the walls, no decor. I'll get there, eventually.

All this time, I have been remembering the resolutions that I have accomplished and am trying to maintain thus far. I was falling short in some areas, but not terribly. I finally have them written down again so it is more of a visual, and things are picking up. I have been hammering out those everyday routines, and I am feeling like myself again. Whew! But no, my life is not completely in order yet (who's is?) and I'm learning to deal with that. I am going to give myself until November before I start month #4, and then hopefully I can stay on course. My resolutions have absolutely been beneficial thus far.

Enough of that. We have been enjoying our time here, I present you with some evidence from Taylor's phone

 These are the bluffs right by our home, where I go walking with Atticus usually every other morning. 
Everything about it never ceases to make me swoon.

We have a piano which is beyond wonderful

Atticus is discovering how much he enjoys helping me cook and bake

We go to the farmer's market near us every week and Taylor loads up on avocados for making guacamole. 

Taylor is loving his new motorcycle

And apparently so is Atticus


  1. Love the pictures! I miss Cali...and Atticus!

  2. Love it. And way to keep going. That news is not surprising. =)

  3. Thanx for sharing such great information...........