Oct 6, 2012



Overlooking the city of Tandil

That's right. I'm STILL posting about Argentina months later. I'm so behind and I'm sure most of you reading this don't really care anymore, but I know Taylor really likes having it all down on the blog.

this picture is missing one daughter and V & L's kids

Taylor had been telling me about the Escalante family we would be staying with in Tandil, describing them as a bunch of loud happy women. Oh.My.Goodness. He could not have been more right. I have never felt so enveloped by so much love so quickly by people I did not know than when I stepped into their home. We were greeted with much joy and hugging and kissing and loud laughter.  There were so many of them in one small house: the parents Teresa and "old man Escalante", their three adult daughters, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren. Their home was very humble, but they were all so happy there together! The walls were covered in colorful art that Teresa had proudly displayed- including my favorite which was a painting of Mormon pioneers, gaucho style.

We were showered with gifts, fed a feast, and they anxiously whipped out the photographs of Taylor as a missionary. Taylor baptized the oldest daughter, Vanina, which then reactivated the mom and the other two daughters. Taylor remembered Lorenzo (Vanina's husband) as nice, but very reluctant and not interested in learning about the church. Vanina recalled to us how he was coming to the first hour of church for a long time, but nothing more. Then one day he stayed for the other meetings, and when she saw that he had not left she excitedly grabbed the missionaries and said, "Baptize him, he's ready!" One year later he was called to be branch president which he has been doing for 5 years now. You know how sometimes you just get a vibe from someone that tells you this person is an amazing human being...I got that vibe from Lorenzo.

"Old Man Escalante" has not been baptized, but they all teased that he goes to everything with them. Taylor told him that one of these days, he's going to push him into the water! Vanina and Lorenzo were talking about the temple and how wonderful it is, and OME said, "Sounds so great one of these days an old crusty man like me is just going to jump up and go!"

Something that really struck me while in their home was looking around and seeing so many of the same pictures of Jesus Christ, our Prophet, etc. that I have in my own home. Here I was on the other side of the world in a home very different from my own yet with that incredible connection of the things we hold dear.  I felt very emotional by the strong spirit that I felt in their home- regardless of how humble it may be- that the Spirit favors none...I could be standing in the most beautiful temple or standing in their living room and experience the same wonderful feeling. 

Our time with the Escalante- and Seijas- family was so enriching. Their love, the church Father's Day activity they took us to and being able to see how happy the people were to be together doing the most simple games, activities and decorations (note to self the next time the ward wants to do an overly elaborate activity...), talking to Vanina and Lorenzo about their daughter being able to go to EFY and how wonderful that was for her to be with other LDS teenagers.Their kids even gave up their beds for us, and all four of them slept in one bedroom together.

I loved this family.

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